How we make Toby's Handcrafted Cider

Toby's Handcrafted Cider As artisan cider makers we take great pride in Toby's Handcrafted Cider. Our Armagh Cider truely is handcrafted, and from apple tree to bottle we use traditional methods to bring you our craft cider which we know you will enjoy. As craft cider makers we produce a very limited quantity of our Armagh Cider each year, which means we have the time to ensure that each batch tastes great.

Every Autumn when the Orchards of Armagh a laden with the best quality fruit, we set about picking the finest quality apples, all our apples are handpicked directly from the trees. The apples are graded and washed by hand to ensure only the finest quality Armagh apples make it into our Cider.

A traditional cider mill Once our apples are graded and washed, they are crushed in a scratter into a pulp, known as Pomace. This Pomace is then loaded into a traditional rack and cloth press which we use to extract the juice from the pomace. As artisan cider makers, we blend our apples at this stage, tasting the freshly pressed juice to find out what our final cider will taste like and adjust the blend of apples as we go along until we are happy, we do not have a set recipe to follow, this is the craft of an artisan cider maker. This is the part of the craft that we enjoy the best.

Once all the apples are pressed and we have all our juice, we let it ferment. We do use a special yeast, which we specifically picked for the way it ferments our apple juice into cider. We let our cider ferment slowly over the winter. In the spring we check our cider more regularly until we are happy with the level of fermentation. It is at this stage that we finish our very traditional journey and hand bottle all our ciders.

When are Cider is ready, we select each individual batch, and hand bottle every drop. We add a very small level of carbonation to the cider, giving you a little fizz in the mouth when you drink it. We love our traditional methods of producing our cider, and as you can see, at no stage do we add any artificial ingredients, flavourings or preservatives. This really is an all natural, handcrafted cider in which we take great pride. We even hand label every single bottle, before delivering to our stockists.